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Call for Participation

Festival for Political Art, Theory and Practice. Vienna 2021

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Call for Participation

What a brave new world? Is everyone now closest to themselves, or do collective processes have a future as well? Who is excluded and how, and how can we generate a public space – in which autonomy and empowerment do not only support an interplay of existing milieus and classes? What positions can art and culture take on in this? What is called „urban gardening“ in cities like Vienna helps in many other places to cover the basic needs for food in times of crisis and to ensure survival. When we look at international art and cultural events, we have the feeling that the biggest problems are the ones between ethnic groups, different religious groups, between corona deniers and hysterics – and that class does not play a big role. Social divisions in all forms and permanent – in a time of crisis of representation, not only caused by Covid-19, these existing dynamics are intensified. We are looking for questions, answers, actions, interventions and „best practice“ examples of social intervention in the production of public discourse.


  • Open to individuals or groups.
  • Projects can be realised (depending on Covid regulations) in public space or in the festival headquarters Kitchen (Bacherplatz corner Schwarzhorngasse 1).
  • Works from all genres and media are welcome.
  • Optionally, the works or documentations of the works will be shown together in a final exhibition in September.

Time schedule:

  • The works will be shown between June and September 2021. (Dates can be discussed: One-time performances, installations etc. indoors or outdoors, as well as long-term poster exhibitions, e.g. in the festival headquarters, are possible).
  • During the festival 8 works will be shown, each with an opening on a separate date. 4 of them will be invited, 4 will be selected via the Open Call.

We provide:

  • 1,800 euros production budget (fees, material costs and if necessary travel costs per group).
  • The projects are realised in discussion with and with the support of the moneyfesta team. We provide support with permits in public spaces, with technical equipment (as far as possible) and with the promotion of the public events.
  • We have a great interest in joint discussion and political exchange. It may also be possible to involve the groups in the parallel festival programme.

Deadline for submission:

  • 31 March 2021

How do I apply?

  • Concept one A4 page (max. 3000 characters)
  • Visual material (optional)
  • Short biography max. 900 characters
  • Link to website or work samples (optional)
  • Submissions are only possible digitally: orga@moneyfesta.com

Decision process:

  • The decisions will be announced at the end of April
  • The festival team will decide on the submissions: Alexander Nikolic & Michael Kalivoda (boem*), Alisa Beck & Marie-Christin Rissinger (Blind Date Collaboration), Club Mongo Bizzare, Eszter Korodi, Monika Mokre, Andre De Vasconcelos.

A project by boem* in cooperation with Kitchen-Zentrum der Tat.

For further questions: orga@moneyfesta.com

10 Antworten auf „Call for Participation“

Hello Natalino, basically yes and we are very open for all kind of proposals – that address our questions – and can be realised within the production costs limits. all the best! Jamal for the moneyfesta collective.

Dear organizers.
I want to participate in the Moneyfesta21. But I try to send the documents to your e-mail address, it does not allow. Maybe there is another address to send?
Kind regards
Gohar Smoyan

Dear Gohar Smoyan,
it should work now. we had a limit on our server, now we changed it. should work fine with the mail address.
kind regards, orga

Liebes Team, ich versuche euch seit ein paar Tagen meine Projektvorschlag für das Festival 2021 an eure email-Adresse zu schicken. Leider kriege ich das Mail immer wieder ungesendet retour. Habt ihr eine andere Kontaktadresse? Ist mit eurem Postfach alles in Ordnung?
Danke und Liebe Grüße,

Hallo Maja,

unsere Mailbox war voll. Haben das Limit jetzt erhöht und es sollte problemlos funktionieren.
lieben gruß, orga

Hello Layal Berberi,
I fear – as our production fund is limited – not too many. When you apply we can look it up and find exact rates for acco and transport. cheers, J. for the moneyfesta/orga

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